ISSN: 0378-2867

Volume 49, Issue 76

Volume 49, Issue 76, Summer 2019, Page 1-160

The objections of Ibn al-Haj (d. 647 AH) to the grammarians Preparation

Nofal Ismail Saleh; Hussein Ibrahim Mubarak

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 49, Issue 76, Pages 91-112

Andalusia was celebrated with a lot of grammarians whose opinions influenced the Andalusian library. These include Ahmed ibn Muhammed, known as ibn al-Hajj, who was famous for his objections to the grammarians, especially ibn Asfour. He had books and explanations on the book of Sibuya and the characteristics of ibn Jaini and Ibn Asfour, We have relied in his research on the sources of grammarians who came after him and conveyed his views, and was the focus of their admiration, and contributed his personality grammatical in the support of grammatical ideas, opinions and answers and grammatical analyzes, and this our research came to view these responses and the arguments and arguments of the response to them leaving the bug of his views to other research, the effort agreat grammar can not be counted in this area.