ISSN: 0378-2867

Volume 43, Issue 68

Volume 43, Issue 68, Autumn 2013, Page 1-722

Total Quality Management in University Libraries: Focusing on the Iraqi University Libraries

Mahmoud Salih Ismaeel; Sarmad Sadeeq Ghazi

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 1-16

The present study aims at finding out about the total quality management as
one of the new management methods that should be followed in libraries to
satisfy libraries goers and meet their information needs. In addition، it aims at
identifying the principles of the total quality management and its basic
requirements in order to be applied to university libraries in general، Iraqi
university libraries in particular.
The study also reveals the steps and stages of the total quality management;
the major problems that hinder its application in university libraries; and how to
deal with problems and challenges that impede the application of the total
quality management in these libraries.

Professional ethics for information specialists at the Internet age

ad Ahmed Ismael; SumayaY.Saeed al-kafaf

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 17-44

The study aims at defining the concept of ethics and professional
ethics in general and then defining the professional ethics of
information specialist and his new functions in the digital
environment and in the internet environment specifically, as well
as the most famous violations in the cyberspace concerning
information . The study also discussed the codes amendments
adopted by professional associations including the American
Library Associations (ALA) and International Federation of Library
Associations (IFLA) .The researchers used the descriptive method
and translated the amended and updated codes of ethics which
comply with the internet environment .most important results of the
study are:
1-There are many guides related to information community ethics
and Internet professional ethics to which the information specialists
comply with.2-There are regulations and rules which prevent
information crimes and protect the intellectual property rights and
privacy and control information flow and other regulations which
control relations between information specialist and his colleagues
uses ,and the institution.
2- Libraries and information are institutional profession and their
employees do not work freely or in an isolation from rules and
regulations which control their behaviors, therefore information
specialists must comply with these rules and ethics
3- Internet is an effective device to promote the performance of
information specialist, but , on the other hand internet helped in
spreading some electronic crimes such as violating intellectual
property rights and individuals privacy and scientific robbery. The
information specialist must deal with that cautiously.

The Central Public library in Nineveh Province and its requirements to offer information for special needs users

SumayaY.Saeed al-kafaf

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 45-74

The study aims at defining the public central library in Nineveh province concerning site ، personnel، building ، furniture's and Information technology . The researcher concentrated on information needs for patrons of special needs(The handicaps) and the requirements needed by the public library to offer such a service. The survey and case study methods were used in this study and depended on interview and observation in collecting data. The study concluded with some results. The most important of which are that Nineveh public library doesn't offer any services for this category of users ، the unavailability of qualified librarians trained on such services ،and building is unsuitable for offering such services unless it undergo substantial modifications and supplied with suitable furniture's and lighting.

Al-Thona'yaat Al-Motaqabla (The Juxtaposed Opposite in Poem collection) (To.. .. .. .. Delayed Telegrams) Poet: Dr. Ahmed Jarallah Yaseen

Imad Abed Yhya

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 75-90

The current peom collection puts in the contemporary Iraqi poetic experiment, that is full of real events, and artistically full of paradox, absurd, sarcasm, fantasia, sad comedy and daily details which represent poetic feature that does not need to keep away from using expressions according to the poet himself.
The collection poems deals with the normal human life, its contradictions and challenges in a strange and marvelous era, they were semantically structured and that is appeared in its title:
(Al-Thona'ayaat Al-Motaqabla) (The Juxtaposed Opposite) it is the essence of challenge between good and evil, right and null, justice and injustice, death and life, margin and placed, and different Opposite that are found in Iraq today.
The current collection contains more than one considerable phenomena like the central and important personalities as in (Many Things Poem). There are some symbols that are being combined in one fact like the palm, mother, home and beloved. The divan also contains the color and formulation, and there is no wonder because he is a poet and a painter, also the divan contains social phenomenon such as singularity, poverty and unemployment, as well as, war and its sequences. It is worth studying is the poet culture through his poetry, I say that: the collection is suitable to be a comprehensive literature study linguistically, structurally and formally which I can't dealt it now.

Surat Al- Alaq Rhetoric Study

Ahmad Fathi Ramadan

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 91-124

The present study deals with surat Al-Alaq,one of the chapters of the Glorious Quran . The study investigates The eloquence of this sura and its style of organing .The researcher refers to The various aspects of rhetoric styles that are utilized .The utilization of these . rhetoric aspects has its effect in conveying ideas and meanings in vital way . Uncovering these aspects pave the way to reveal the stylistic in limitability in this sura .

Grief Personification in Ibn Al-zayat Noon- Rhymed poem stylistic study

Ahmed Mohammed Ali Mohammed

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 125-148

Lament art in Arabic poetry is associated with grief feeling especially. The lament represents a content of poetic text, therefore language of text must contain it. Nonyia's Ibn Al-zayat is the most famous lament poems in ancient poetry in general and Abbasid particular, even some ancient critics have counted it as a model to be followed in this field. In this research, a rhetorical, stylistic and analytical approach is applied which based on a rules of Arabic Rhetoric. It is deals with Nonyia's Ibn Al-zayat poem by that approach which relates the style of poem to its poet through searching for an answer the following question: How stylistic structures personified a meaning of grief in the poem dramatically?
The research is divided into three sections: the sound level, the semantic level and the informative one.

Repetition significance in Ibn Zaidoun's Noun – Rhymed poem

Nadia Fathi Hadi

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 149-178

rhymed Poem of Ibn Zaidoun’ . So, repetition is an effective
element in the poetic discourse . Its aspects are various at sound level ,
meter , rhyme , grammatical structure and meaning ,i.e. it is not
restricted on a definite element of the poetic structure ,but it extends to
all elements . Poet resorts to repetition for psychological and artistic
motives. On the one hand , it aims at revealing inner feelings of the poet
, his mood and expressing his emotional situation. On the other hand, it
strengthens the richest part of music in the poem. Ibn Zaidoun employed
many positions in his noun-rhymed poem through a style in which we
cannot separate between its significant role and rhythmic role on
multiple levels whether they are words , letters or structural level . Ibn
Zaidoun invests these repetitions in illustrating tits negative and positive
time. So, Ibn Zaidoun represented the positive role represented by love
and loyalty . While , the beloved represent the negative role via
Treachery and abandonment. So , the existed repetitions in the text
match the sigh and sorry of the poet for their meanings are effective and
their words are suggestive that convey to the receptor the state of
despair that controls the tortured self of the poet.

Intertext uality In Ma'an bin Aws Al-Muzani’s Poetry

Salah Ahmed Salih

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 179-200

Intertextuality came into much debate among Arabic literary milieus in the last few years. It is a western element that entered remarkably into the Arabic literature like many other terms that enriched our Arabic critical culture.
The importance of this term lies in the bridges it establishes to bring the classic and the modern altogether. Also, it acquitted many poets of, what is as described as plagiarism. By virtue of intertextuality, classic as well as modern texts now stand side byside, rach with its own peculiarities.
In AL-Muzanis poerty, intertextuality is a verifiable phenomenon. It can be seen through certain intertextual mechanisums such as the drawing-on, the inter absortion, the interdialogue, the quotation and the implication. Evidently, it appeard in his poetry on such forms as utterance, implicative and compositional intertextuality.
Interims of references, intertexuality can be referred to two sources: a literary source poetry , parables and a regions one (the holy Quran and the authantic prophtic speeches)

The Miraculous Features in Collection of Stories - Saheel Almijarah Fee Safhat Alnahr

Abed ALghalk S. Gumian

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 201-218

The Miraculous Features dominate on the Collection of Stories
“Sahil Al-Mejarrah fi Safhat Al-Nahr”. So, this feature has been
observed at various levels of text structure like : Titles, characters, event
and space.
The story teller ,Al-Fahadi ,via investing the miraculous in the
titles , attempts to draw the receiver’s attention to find an approach to
the narration environment that is based on the miraculous from one
hand, and expanding the interpretive horizon of the text via paving the
way to the symbolic sense ,especially via the first textual threshold from
the other hand.
The study reveals the overwhelming of the miraculous characters
on the narrative content of the collection. In addition, we observe great
variety in presenting the miraculous characters .We observe , in the
narrative content, the supernatural characters besides the miraculous
natural characters at all their kinds. We can relate the reason behind this
adversity of the miraculous characters to the different contents dealt
within the collection. There is no doubt that the narrative content plays
an effective role in selecting the essential elements of the story which
include the characters.
The research studies the strategy adopted by Al-Fahadi ,the
story-teller, especially in presenting the miraculous event lies in opening
the narration with a natural event closer as much as possible to the
reality than to the fiction. However, he surprises the receiver in the
middle or the end of the story by emerging the miraculous event causing
a kind of surprise. He , via this kind of style, works to increase the
receiver’s reaction with the narrative text.
Some of the stories in the collection “ Sahil Al-Mejarrah fi
Safhat Al-Nahr” , touches strongly the miraculous spaces . We find time
achieves its wonderfulness within the collection via transcending the
familiar reasonable sequence .Via turning place into a legend , the story
teller achieves place wonderfulness .

The Symbolism in AL-Fahadi Stories - Saheel Almijarah Fee Safhat Alnahr by Ali Kamaludeen Al- Fahadi

fatin Ghanim Fathi

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 219-236

The significance of this research entitled (The Symbolism in AL-Fahadi Stories - Saheel Almijarah Fee Safhat Alnahr) lies in the first place in that its author is a native narrator from Mosul. He is also a university professor specialized in literature and literary criticism. Furthermore، the language of the series goes more exposition and directness، almost close to poetic style in terms of conciseness، implication and symbolism. The researcher in this collection finds that the writer has employed the ability of symbolism to express his visions and give them a concrete and vivid form، from which he releases himself from the restrictions of imitation and dullness to the world of creativity seriousness. He derived his symbols from many references (historical، cultural، folk، mythological، natural and Islamic ones) employing them in accordance with his time and environment. These symbols mingle with storyline and consequently adding uniqueness vividness، conciseness، and emotiveness beyond difficulty، ramble، prolixity and boredom. So this researcher attempts to study the symbol through analyzing the narrative texts relying on discoursal approach by taking these contexts clarify the discourse into consideration. Such a method compares among texts in order to ascertain their artistic properties and nature of their symbols to reveal the significations which lead to the general theme of these stories.
This research consists of an introduction and two topics. The introduction is dedicated to study nature of symbol and its signification in the series. As for the second topic، it tackled symbolism and its references in the series.

Linguistic in the Poetic Work of Imam Shafi'i

Slaam Abdullh Mhmood Ashoor

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 237-262

Linguistic deviation occurs a lot in Arabic language. In some
uses, it occurs either compulsory or non-compulsory.
The current study aims at exploring both types of linguistic diversions
(compulsory and non-compulsory) in the poetic work of Imam Shafi'i.
It also discusses the phonetic, grammar and structure deviation
and their effect on the beauty of the poetic structure and on the way of
informing, surprising and attracting the audience.

Right Parties of Turkey (1999- 2007)


Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 263-298

Turkey adopted the system of multi-political parties after the second
World War as a device of a political turn in the Turkish system becoming
one of the most overwhelming world states in the field of the party life .
Since that time the Turkish arena has witnessed crystallization of several
concepts concerned with party life such as right and left parties particularly
during the last third of nineteenth century .

The Religious Scholars' Attitude and Their Efforts toward the Economic Crises in Iraq during the Abbasid Period ( 132 – 656 A.H 749 – 1258 A.D )

Mohanad Nafa Al-Mukhtar

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 299-322

The economic crises had secreted political, economic and social effects in the Abbasid society which some times caused numerous political problem as well as it caused anarchy in the stracture of the Abbasid economy . Further more it had produced numerous social phenomena and diseases that required hard work to confront it . The elite religious scholars and the intellectual leadership of the nation played a great role to face those
crises by practicing different procedures whether on the practical aspect or on the intellectual one .

It is familiar that facing such kind of crises requires immediate preventive procedures before the occurrence of the crisis or after it reaches a critical degree . After the occurrence of those crises remedial procedures are require which are represented by administerave, economic and social procedures .

The Political Role of Woman in the Reign of Al-Muqtadir Bil-Lāh

wgdan A. Hamdi

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 323-352

The power of Caliph's court women in Al-Muqtadir Bil-Lāh reign was manifest through their intervention in the management of the state's affairs and its policy. This was quite evident at the political level as court women were free to appoint، dismiss، raise in rank or banish statesmen as they liked. This was due to the absence of the Caliph's strong grip on power، which gave those women much authority and influence in the political life at the state.
The authorities of court stewardesses (qahramanas) varied in accordance with their personality، qualification and activity in the Abbasid court، but most important was how close they were to the Caliph or the Caliph's mother، and second was the personality of the Caliph and his love for or rejection of fun which they had to observe at the proper time. And as Al-Muqtadir Bil-Lāh was know for his negligence of the state's management and the for his loose grip on the reins of power، court stewardesses has full latitude to control the management of the state's affairs.
The court stewardesses during Al-Muqtadir Bil-Lāh's reign held many positions and jobs، most important of which court-affairs management، of aggrieved people. They proved highly efficient and qualified in these fields، which reflected the importance of women's political role in managing the affairs of the state.

Independence War and Appearamce of the United States 1776- 1783

Mhdy S.Mriy

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 353-382

The American independence war conceders as one of the most prominent mark of the ninetieth century .The developed reasons of this war not only connected with the developments that occurred in British settlements in north America or in Europe during the crisis of the seven years war, but also linked with style that the British began in their colonial operation in north America .The research divided in to four sections :The first one dealt with the factors that erupted the war of independence, while the second one included the conferences and the national armed movement of the independence ,as for the third one concentrated on the document of the declaration of the independence and the principle of the democracy .Finally the last one was the course of the battles and achieving the independence.

Features Of Education in Madina in Saudi Arabic The city of Othman Periad

Aaid bin Muhmeed Alzhrani

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 383-438

Medina witnessed the legislation and the revelation of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Thus, it took the scientific status, which is not contested by other city. It ran the educational movement towards progress and prosperity and promotes the religious sciences, literature and the dissemination of science and knowledge among members of the community who were behaviorally and culturally promoted.
Medina has retained this position throughout history, although life has seen a marked deterioration during the Ottoman Empire. Medina had been the destination of scientists for its place in the hearts of those scientists, and that progress did not depend on the state as it relied on the public.
This study presents the scientific aspect in Medina during the Ottoman era and the interest of the Ottoman sultans in Medina. It mainly focuses on the development that took place in the field of education and how it was spread over the area. The study also reflected the interest of Medina princes and the in learning sciences. They did not distinguish between cultural and scientific prosperity and between doctrinal output and moral or intellectual output. Thus, Medina became the center of sciences and students and scholars come it from all over Arab countries .

Media and Their Role in Lessening Some Features of Social Drifting in Iraq Society (Field Study in City of Mosul)

Saffana Ahmed Dawood

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 439-468

The current research aims at defining the role of Iraqi Media in lessening some features of social drifting in Iraqi society specially recently. The hard circumstances facing our society specifically the loss of security and Political and social stability. The research contained four chapters. The first talks about the Methodology of the research. The Second talks about social responsibility of Media. The Third focused on the role of Media in lessening some features of social drifting in Iraqi society. Whereas the Fourth included the Methodology framework which included specifying the sample of (150) from the Iraqi society from Mosul city chosen randomly with the possibility of achieving balance between both genders. Survey was used as a tool. After achieving validity and stability to make it applicable. The stability was (0.89) after applying it on similar sample of the research from the society. Thus, the survey was ready for application. The following statistical of the important results reached was the efficiency of Media in lessening the features spread in Iraqi society update in high ration that reveal the effective role of media in observation and lessening the drift found in society. Given these results, the researchers came with a number of recommendations and suggestions such as: 1- Increase the attention given to the problems of drift and corruption religions, social, political and cultural program and renew the religious talk about this problem in all Media present these shows at prime time.
2- Intensifying positive Media messages that contribute in forming the value and social structure of the society.
The suggestions were to do more specialized academic researches about the role of Media and their social functions .


Marah Mauyad Hasan

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 469-505

The research aims at introducing the real role of orphanage care toward boys and girls in city of Mosul and estimate its job for development.
The research appears that orphanage care have a good role in protection orphans from vagrancy and service's role of many fields like health، education and professional which rehabilitation other than social welfare and raising which replace of the family.

Alienation and Its Psychological and Social Concepts

Mohammed Thannoon AL-Sayegh

Adab AL Rafidayn, Volume 43, Issue 68, Pages 506-518

Defining the conceptions and terminology is a necessary matter for scientific research, and for researcher, in forming a theme or a problem. He has to define the conceptions he uses. And as far as this definition characterized by accuracy and clarity the more it facilitates the realizations of meanings and thoughts for the specialized readers who pursuit the research, in addition to the unspecialized persons, particularly the hypotheses, theories and the findings which the researcher wants to express without misunderstanding of what he is saying. If a concept definition is a must in the scientific researches, generally, the social research in particular requires, also, to define the scientific concepts that research deals with in addition to its definition and explanation, where as these concepts are regarded as the basic support of the research, which the researcher can through it define and draw a clear image about the subject of the research and its objectives.
But the Humanitarian sciences, including the social sciences suffers from fusions and vagueness in defining a large umber of terminology. Some of them as an example is the "Alienation" concept, which considered as one of the most controversial concepts and subjects, not only due to the ambiguity of its meaning, but also, due to numerous definitions given to it, its extension, and its usages, in addition to the numerous orientations and the humanitarian sciences which dealt with it by research and analysis: all what can't hide the fact that, that it is not impossible to define this concept, but there is no escape of saying that the process has some sort of difficulty, and it remains a matter of personal point of view. But the theme is waiting for the others to try their solutions toward that.
Upon that we tried, in this research to define and identify the "Alienation concept" in addition to other concepts linked to this theme such as the social alienation, behavioral alienation, and personality alienation.