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ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2506-2664

السنة 43, العدد 65

السنة 43، العدد 65، الشتاء 2013، الصفحة 1-645

The Influence of Voice on Word Drawing: A Causal Perspective in the Llight of Holy Quran

Abdul Wahab Mahmood Al Kuhla

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 1-10

Much have been written about the Holy Quran drawing.
While endeavors for revealing what governs this drawing are
still in persistence, scholars pay great attention to its causation.
As it is difficult to comprehend this subject as a whole, some
problems have been studied in order to make them as a
guidance for this study in accordance to what the scholars
referred to in drawing the word which is not in accordance with
the standard writing.

What is Conceivable in Other Than the Glorious Quran Syntactic study

Khazal Fathi Zidan

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 11-32

The focal point of the present paper is the phrase "it is
conceivable in other than the glorious Qur'aan…," Which is
one of the evaluative rules in Arabic syntax. The former phrase
has been commonly repeated in Arabic linguistic literature,
especially in reference to Meanings and Parsing of the Glorious
Qur'aan. In such references, the scholars have analysed the
Qur'aanic verses so as to choose their syntactic functions
keeping the sacredness, meanings, and inimitability of the
Glorious Qur'aan. The scholars have approved what is accepted
and discarded what is not relying on some pretexts and
evidences. If the scholars could not suggest aspect of the
Qur'aanic verses, this might mean that such an aspect has no
meaning, not available in Sharia, . as the present paper tackles.

The Standard Faa Its semantic, Usages, Etymology, and Rules

Abdulaziz S.Al- Jeel

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 33-62

The current paper deals with the standard letter (Faa) . It is
mentions in interpretation books, explanations of prophetic
traditions, rhetoric and syntactic books. What has been
mentioned here there seartered in there books is not enough as
am attar for systemic study.
This study tines to collect these information in a scientific
way .

The Rhetoric Law in Criticizing Prose and Poetry by Abu Taher Al –Baghdadi A Study in the Approach and content ""

Ahmed Yahya Ali

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 63-92

This book is a critical study of the Arabic styles and its
rhetorical arts in the prose and poetry The book consists of two
parts .Parts one deals with the prose rhetoric and the author
divided this part into thirty three terms. Part two studies poetry
criticism and its rhetoric which is also divided into terms form
comprising forty four eloquent words. Al-Baghdadi supported
his study by giving poetic and prosaic examples to reinforce his
speech and reveals his intention .The author proved his ideas
throughout using these examples to support his points of view
without preferring one to another

Semantics of linguistic Pattermsin the opening Surah

Ashwaak Muhmeed Ismaiell

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 93-144

The paper which is entitled (The semantic of
Linguistic system in surat al fatiha) deals with essential
element structures of the sound،morphological ،syntactic ،
semantic and pragmatic systems of surat al fatiha finding
connections among these levels.
The paper has concluded that high vibration sounds such
as (n ،m) has more frequent uses than law vibration sounds
،also subordination has dominated in syntactic structure
depending on coherence and cohesion among verses.
The repetition systems also has been used for various
purposes such as giving full meaning ،decorating its rhythm
and showing controversial relations between events and verses
of surah ،all these repetition surat al fatiha since its afrequent
start in all the bowing of the prayers.

The Impact of Diagrams and Tables in Teaching Prosody and Rhyme Scheme

Azza A. Ahmed

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 145-176

Diagrams and tables are considered as the easiest of
teaching methods to convey the textual subjects to the mind of
students. They do not need for a great deal of explaining and
giving details. As far as I found the students always tend to
reduce the amount of the study; I tried, skillfully, to do what
they want without making any defect in the subject of study, so
I found no way to achieve that by tables and diagrams.
Because the personalities of the learners are variable; some of
them depend on visual act, others resort to repetition of writing,
and others rely on listening, therefore, and when we use the
method of diagrams and tables, we can involve vision sense in
teaching in addition to hearing during listening to the lecture.
Undoubtedly this method teaches the student how to
summarize the subject and concentrate on its basic pivots in
addition to contributing to watch the differences between these
pivots through examining the diagrams and tables.

The hedging effect of the quranic sentence structure

Tallal H.A. Al- Tobachi

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 177-198

The essence of communication between the addresser
and the addresser relies on understanding the meaning of
linguistic message . Meaning may be prone to ambiguity and
misunderstanding . In this case , language has its own means to
safeguard meaning against such phenomena.
The research aims at investigating some aspects of this topic in
order to reveal the close connectivity between syntax and
semantics . So the research studies : the methods of ensuring
meaning clarification , and their role in the structure of the
Quranic sentenece Special attention is given to intonation ,
context , and intensification.
The research then tackles some aspects of avoiding ambiguity
in the Quranic sentence . These aspects include the shift from
one mode to another , using noun in place of pronoun ,
foregrounding and back grounding , expanding without
affecting the structure of the sentence and the structural and
stylistic changes.

Abdullah Bin AbbAas

Salem Abid Ali

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 199-210

This paper tackles the character of the sahabi Abdullah bin
Abbas and his military administrative and political acts It
concentrates on his activity during th Umayyad era. It also
deals with his growing up accompanying the prophet (PBUH)
his relation with caliphs and role in the jihad in Morocco ,
Tabaristan, and Constantinople, The paper has also shown his
stance towards the sedition during the era of the caliph Othman
and role in the battle of Al-Jamal and Safyeen, as well as his
relation with the caliph Muawiya and other caliphs who
succeeded him in addition to Abdullah bin AL-Zubair and his
followers , The paper come in a brief form , it is divided into
paragraphs to be as complete as possible,

Aspects of Relationship between the Living Quarter hood and the Mosque: The Old Mosuli Quarter hood as a Model: A Socio-Anthropological Study

Harith Ali Hasan

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 211-238

Mosque is an important part of the morphology of old
localty relations, and its relatively adorned makes it a hub for
social interaction, as a center of spiritual and psychological
values. The camp they in turn carry out the functions of several
different and varied toward the mosque through the activities
of its social and economic group, educational and
psychological. Researcher felt doing this research to find out
the aspects of the relationship between the mosque and the old
localty relations. Reling on the constructivist theory
perspectives in my career as an input to search. The curriculum
is a case study approach. As well as Alsosauantropouluggi
trend. The research tools to gather information, interview and
simple observation, as well as participant observation as part of
the reaearch community respondend. The search found a set of
the most important results, that the mosque is a social
institution multifunctioal and has a significant role in the social
life of the old locality .

Violence aborted pregnancy Social study in domestic violence and women's abortion

Firas Abbas Fadhil al-Bayati

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 239-264

The problem of violence abortionist is one of the issues of
interest to the international organizations and civil society
bodies in the second millennium. Interest in them has
become an issue of human rights and the balance to bring
peoples, and rule to the eligibility of communities belonging
to humanity. The violence abortionist of pregnancy is a
dangerous phenomenon in human societies, and which is
now very serious in our society, showing women subjected to
physical violence, sexual violence, and health during
pregnancy by a husband or a family member threatening the
lives of many embryos to die and sometimes caused the
mother also, death of the embryos. As a result of violence
against the mother is one of the most important social and
humanitarian problems rejected by religions and social
norms. The research aims at identifying the phenomenon of
violence aborted pregnancy, and detecting all types of
violence leading to abortion. The results show that ( ) the
spread (violence aborted pregnancy) in the community
results from three basic axes, namely women, men and the
nature of society), and that social and economic factors,
cultural and political play a prominent role in the prevalence
of violence against wives. ( ) Aborted pregnant women due
to several types of violence against them (k violence health,
physical violence, sexual violence), and aborted the
pregnancy as a result of violence form a serious indication in
the community. Also, two simultaneous problems, namely
the problem of violence against the wife and the problem of aborting wife to get it). ( ) We notice from the research that
Iraqi women are exposed to waves of violence and abortion,
but it do not reveal them publicly for several reasons, the
most important of which are the nature Iraqi law, the nature
of society and its customs, shame, all of which have kept
women under the practices of violence.

Western Attempts to Adapt The Islamic Culture

Qusai Riyadh Kanaan

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 265-284

The present Work tackles the impact of Orientalism on
the Islamic Culture and its reflection on society . it adopts
certain mechanism for evaluation and mechanism. The Work
also explains the styles followed by the Orientalists to leave
their impact on the Islamic Culture

Library Supervision Right on Illegal Information Resources

Smeer m. Saeed; Mahmood S. Ismail

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 285-320

The study is a critical review dealing with the nature of
information resources that may contain objectionable or dangerous
materials ، and may hurt the feelings of the library's readers. It also
discusses the role of library managers in deciding what is to be
prohibited of these materials and the ethical responsibility they must
consider in defending the society against these materials . There are
some procedures that the libraries must cases in which these rights
are violated and how to resist this behavior . It finally provides
some suggestions aiming at limiting the effects of these materials on
the readers and restricting the free access to the harmful materials .

Electronic Acquisition Processes by Using Internet With Reference to some Internet sites of Arabic and Foreign Publishers

Sumaya Younis al-kafaf

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 321-348

The study is aiming at displaying the fast developments of
using the Internet in the field of acquisition in libraries. This
subject is treated through discussing the process of electronic
acquisition and identifying financial credits which are managed
through the Internet to facilitate purchasing library materials
.The study also covers the Internet cites of both the Arabic and
foreign publishers which are used in purchasing library
materials available on the Internet. A descriptive method is
used to fulfill the study in addition to the direct connection
with Internet cites of publishers and booksellers. The study
comes out with the following conclusions:
١- Using the electronic methods in acquisition will save time
efforts and money for libraries.
٢- The Internet will provide many facilitates to libraries،
especially in the process of book selection and electronic
marketing which is now provided by publishers and
distributors via the internet.
٣-Using electronic money will save much time that is needed
for purchasing library materials.
٤-The Gulf Arab states libraries seem to be a developed among
the Arab countries in the field electronic acquisition.
٥- Libraries in Iraq are not qualified in the present time for
using the electronic acquisition .

مدى تطبيق نظام تصنيف ديوي العشري في طبعته الحادية او الثانية والعشرين على قيود فهرس المكتبة المركزية بجامعة الموصل : دراسة تحليلية

Rafal N. A. Alkhero

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 349-394

The study concentrates on the extend of applying the ٢١st and ٢٢nd
new editions of Dewy decimal classification system to University of
Mosul Central library catalog records to define the authenticated tools
used in assigning classification numbers for the materials cataloged at
the central library and their consequences represented in detecting
mistakes and problems which hinder that application through selecting
a random intentional sample These samples are mounted to (١٠٠)
records chosen from the Arabic shelf list record . The researcher
depends on the analytical descriptive method and the study concludes
with a group of results the most important ones of which are:
١- The usage of different tools in classification may cause many cases
of confusion and inconsistency.
٢- The malcommitment to the modification and reviews whether the
comprehensive or the partial one which the ٢١st and ٢٢nd editions
٣- The mistakes in combining, building or selecting a classification
number for the cataloged material where the study revealed that ٣٩٪
of the sample records were cataloged under wrong classification
numbers which do not comply with the subject of the cataloged
The most important recommendations the study presented is:
١- Reliance on a clear and definite policy to be complied by the
catalogers pertaining to using the new editions of the system at the
central library to cope with the amendments and modifications of the
system .

Population Growth Indices During Neolithic in Iraq

Hussein Y. Al Najm

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 395-422

Population growth was one of the most important
features of the Neolithic in Iraq. Agricultural Revolution led to
several developments according to excavation as in the
increase of population and transportations. Therefore, this
growth is the outcome of long material and intellectual efforts
caveing social change based on obviously on a human
interaction with environment. Iraq witnessed extensive
progress in all economical and social aspects of life which had
a clear impact in population growth later. Food production was
one of the basic factors in that era in Iraq and ancient near east
as primary evidences proved that. Moreover, agricultural
development, animal domestication, pottery, took invention,
architecture and exchange concepts and the development
social, intellectual and technical concepts represented the most
important indices of the Neolithic i. e. in Iraq according to
scientific evidence based on the archaeological excavations
results of early agricultural inhabited villages.

Mirrors in the Ancient Iraq in the Light of Cuneiform Texts

Mohammed Hamza .H Al-Ta

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 423-442

The study of mirrors in the ancient Iraq in the light of
cuneiform texts is one of the important Archeological studies.
Due to lack of references , on this specific topic , researching in
this matter is one of the difficult and rather sophisticated tasks.
The study in this matter is very unique. Accordingly , that
helps in revealing the importance of this subject as a topic of
researching and inspection in order to submit an obvious aspect
of such matter. Thus, it is found that it is necessary to present
and analyze written and materialistic instances. This study
involves the following axes: (the linguistic meaning of mirror ,
the names of mirror , the mirror according to the ancient
written texts , types of mirror and the applied visions on it , the
material from which the mirror was made). The purpose behind
this study is to prove that it is a pure artistic innovation
confined to the Ancient Iraqis only , and not found in the
nations of other civilization (like Greece , Romans , Egyptians)
as some may think. In addition , this study is important as an
artistic aspect throughout its features , its technical
manufacturing and the applied visions on it along the eras of
the Ancient Iraq.

Unpublished Cuneiform Texts From The Old Babylonian Period - Iraqi Museum

Ahmad Moyaser Fadhell

اداب الرافدین, 2013, السنة 43, العدد 65, الصفحة 443-464

The cuneiform texts and particularly the economic ones are
considered as one of the most important documents that
reflect the reality of everyday life. In fact, among the periods
of Mesopotamia the Old Babylonian Period (٢٠٠٦-١٥٩٥) was
characterized by the economic prosperity and the
development of economic activity which were reflected in
the cuneiform economic texts as an ideal material to study the
economic and social conditions of that period. The present
research studies and gives an analysis of
five unpublished cuneiform texts which are part of a set of
texts in favor of the confiscation of the Iraqi Museum.
Therefore, their location and reference are not known and they
never bear historical versions except one text goes back to
the reign of King Warad - Sin (١٨٣٤ - ١٨٢٣)B.C.
ninth dynasty kings of Larsa. This complicated the situation
and increased the difficulty of determining the length of
time for the rest of the texts, but they generally belong to
the Old Babylonian Period (Early Old Babylonian
Period) or as it is called (the period of Isin-Larsa, based
on personal names contained therein. These are common
names as well as the way of writing that clearly marked
and excelled large size supports the ownership
of those texts to the beginnings of the Old Babylonian Period.
As for the contents of these texts