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ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2506-2664

Volume 42, Issue 63

Volume 42, Issue 63, Summer 2012, Page 1-602

Projection (bared) Vision of Pre-Islamic Arabic Poetry

Moayad Muhammad Saleh Al-Youzbaki

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 1-28

The Present research entitled" A Projective Outlook at the Pre-Islamic Arabic Poetry" suggests a procedural notion for the outlook stemming from the impact of psychological projection with its broad sense in forming and determining its nature and scope. The research takes up the image with its both types: the whole (picture) and partial، particularly the metaphorical and assimilative to test the validity of the procedural nation (projective outlook) to expose whatever significant extents the pre-Islamic poetic text might involve which are pertinent to the poet's explicit or implicit sentimental and intellectual experiences. This will be realized within a proposed line for a deeper psychological reading of our poetic heritage over its historical ages.

The Legal Judgments of Appointing a Successor in the Five Daily Prayers, Al-Jum'aa Prayer and the Prayers of the Two Eids

Anas Yaseen Ibrahim Al-Moola

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 29-46

The title of this study is ((The Legal Judgments of Appointing a Successor in the Five Daily Prayers, Al-Jum'aa Prayer and the Prayers of the Two Eids)). The idea of the study is to present the legal judgments of appointing a successor, defining the concept of appointing a successor and explaining its proof of legitimacy.

The Mosuli Folktales Between Memory consciousness and text production- Analytical study in creating a tale and using Mosuli Folk Character

Fares. A. Bdr AL-Rahawi

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 47-80

The popular folktale is a narrative verbal tradition that differs form other types of literature. Indeed, the Mosuli popular environment represents the source of this genre for its culture qualities . We have found them in two patterns by Nizar abdul Sattar and Ameer Ahmad. This paper, thus, tries to study the new popular folktale Which has been divided into two main parts, namely Sapace of the legendary-historic field and the
transformational popular character, and Space of forming and creating his materials out of the popular Mosuli folk

Ibn Hisham's Criticism for the Grammarians Ibn Asfour as a Model

Mohammad M. Said Al-Gaylani

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 81-110

The study with all its several axes aims at finding the effect of the grammarian Ibn Hisham via emerging his critical effort towards the grammarians. All the researchers recognize the effect of Ibn Hisham on the course of the4 grammatical study and its development via the considerable grammatical heritage left by him, and the unique grammatical value of this heritage in examining the grammarians' attitudes and their points of view and distinguishing the proved attitude from the weak.Ibn Asfour is considered one of the great grammarians studied by Ibn Hisham critically and widely in his books. He preferred many times to criticize Ibn Hisham. He may criticize him for a false opinion which was not of his literary school. Even he may criticize him for Ibn Hayyan's pursuing Ibn Asfour in his criticism. This is what our study attempts to study in detail.

Mahmood Mohammed Taha : Historical study in his activity and political thinking in Sudan

Thaker Mohi al-dean

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 111-138

Mahmood Mohammad Taha appeared among some figures who have left clear impact on Sudanese contemporary political thought. He tried to provide new lightening for the history of this thought, which created a great argument between supporter and opposition and rejection, and it was a major cause of offering his life as a price for this lightening.
The research tries to deal with the most notable of these thoughts, in an attempt to assess his activating and effort on the field thought and contemporary Sudanese politics through the following points:
-The beginnings of political awareness and the establishment of the republican party.
- his effort and political activities.
- renewed intellectual contributions

Ottman - Vinece war (1463 -1479 A.D)

Abbas Abdul Wahab A.Faris Al Salih

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 139-168

This research deals with a war that took place between Oottoman state and Venice during the Ottoman state's expansion in Europe in the 2nd half of the 15th century. The significance of the research comes from that the war was not limited to one front but it has severed fronts in Al-mora, Greece, IJa sea, Albania and in Vince. Thus, Venice attempted during the war to form a coalition with European forces as Pope's force, Napoli, Turkman forces opposed to ottoman state as white limb, Qarman Emarate, but it could not achieve its endeavours.
The war finished when Ottomans achieved a great victory against Venice and expanded on lands belonging to Venice like Al-mora, Greece Albania and so on. While Venice, in spite of being the loser, had been allowed to have full trade in Ottoman territories

Algerian Elections between 1990-1999

ad Tawfeek AL-Bazaz

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 169-194

1988 events have a big role in putting Algeria on the path of democracy, political pluralism and making the elections a general feature of the Algerian people to enable the largest number of citizens to participate in taking the theory of popular sovereignty, which has replaced the rule of the nation. But the Algerian military intervention in the political process led the country into a stage of civil war for the period 1992-1994. Political forces sought to return to the electoral path, but lost his army is in control of the political process and democracy by ensuring the victory of its candidates in the elections that took place between 1995-1999 to try to restore security and stability.

Oman Emirate's Attitude Towards Buyid Power

Omar Ahmed Saeed

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 195-224

Emirates emerged in Arabia, especially in Oman, which undertook confronting Buyid power, because it wanted to extend its power to Oman's regions as the same considerations that were pushed Abbasids state to impose their control on casts. Buyid gave especial attention to Oman in order to achieve two aims. The first one was political, which aimed to expand the borders of its state. After controlling persian land, Iraq, and Kurman, they intended to join Arab Gulf coasts to their properties. The second aim, was economic, the Buyids had the desire to gain abundant share of trade of Arabian Gulf Coasts. Some of Buyid princes loved wealth, and collected money, thus the control of Oman was formal and unstable, due to Oman Geographical position, which is too far from the center of Abbasid's caliphate on Baghdad and the nature of its lands which consist of deserts and mountains, that help their people to strike and to resist. In addition to that, the variety of their populations which included Negro and Kwarij.

Al-Hafidh Abdul-Ghani bin Abdul-Wahid Al-Maqdisi(His Life and Ordeal)

Hanaa Salem Thaei

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 225-264

The prophets and messengers are leading the humankind. After them come their companions and missionaries, and then, their followers till the day of resurrection. One of those followers is Al-Hafidh Abdul-Ghani bin Abdul-Wahid. He is regarded one of the modernizers in the 6th and 7th centuries of Al-Hegira and he left a clear impression on Al-Hadith science. He differs from his contemporary modernizers in following the Islamic Law that is derived from the Glorious Qur’an and Sunna. He is Salafi who follows Al-Hanbali’s creed. He had a strong personality with veneration and dignity.

Spotlight on Ways of the Prisoners Escape in Abbasid Age

Wgdan Abdul-Jabbar Hamdi; Raid Mohammed Hamid

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 265-286

The research aims at shedding light on a diversity of many prisoners in inventing many ways and methods to achieve their aim; namely escaping from the jail. These invented ways and methods do not happen in one way, but they pass through many things, which were taken into consideration. The prisoner was investigating the weak places in the prison like little perfection and weakness in the guard represented by negligence and the busyness of guards, besides the prisoner gaining the trust in the guards. Many times, the prisoner asked for help from one of his relatives or his supporters by the accurate and coordinated planning from both sides. What is of most importance of all that is the power of will and insistence showed by the prisoner, because it is the strong motive that helped him in making the process of his escape from the jail something successful

Cultural Contacts between Mosul and Eastern Cities during The First Half of the Fourth Century of Hejre and of the Tenth Century BC

Mahaa Saeed Hmeed

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 287-316

The Islamic Arabic thought had a profound impact on the formation of the Arab Scientific heritage across Long centuries, Their heritage embraced may scientific aspects which resulted in contact and Communication between the cities of Islamic Arab state. This communication manifests itself in enhancing the cultural and scientific links between the Islamic Arab state parts from which certain centres, and cities emerged with the passage of time. They became places which bore the flag of Islamic Arab culture such as Mosul which had a special status, contributed considerably to reinforcing Islamic Arab culture, and got a high fame; a matter that has attracted the scholars' affection.

The oriental of the organization of the Iraq civil society A paper in the sociology of mechanism, the disco use and the content, Ninevah governo rate as example

Hasan Jasim Rashid

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 317-354

Orientalism is considered one of the Kinds of the Western global organization that aiming at exploring the East.
This came as reaction to the failure of Europe to control the East by using power; namely during crusades. Then they tried to understand the culture and the civilization of the East using different ways to achieve their aim. At the early periods this task, then, many specialized institutes and foundation appeared to work in this field. The mechanism became too complicated for the developing of human societies. Among these modern mechanisms is that of urban community organizations.
In addition to the invasion of Iraqi by military forces, it was also invaded by some of those organizations which tried to penetrate into society to investigate its hidden aspects. These two kinds of invasion work in one line aiming at achieving the objectives of those who planned it in the west. These organizations work to alienate the Iraqi and Mosuli society but, in contrast, there are domestic and rational Iraqi organizations that worked in a way different from that of the western oriental organizations

Factors affecting the social interaction among students of the University of Mosul, a field study

Khalid Mhmood Hamy

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 355-386

The base component of all forms of the link between individuals in society is the social interaction, and by this interaction are several stages undergone by the impact and the impact (dramatic response) through the channels of carrier function to satisfy the recipient of information from the communication and transfer of reactions to create an atmosphere contributes to the crystallization mechanism of interaction, and are affected the process of creating the atmosphere with a series of psychological and social factors. We used in this research approach to the social survey in a sample and included the tool study group of paragraphs that we have tried from which to identify the dimensions of the subject and come to some results, most notably, that the university life and in which he spoke of the social events amorphous through the process of interaction of social contribute significantly to change aspects of behavior of students on the one hand and into social relations, which makes it imperative for all stakeholders, including faculty and administrative seek to exploit the potential of students and direct them towards a meaningful paths.

Sterility and its Social and Economic Effect on Women: A field Study in Mosul

Ameera Waheed

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 387-430

Sterility is a pathological case or a medical problem related to either the husband or the wife.
This phenomenon widely spreads in every society including the Iraqi society and particularly the Mosul society due to the wars that the country has undergone in the past years. Similarly, its citizens have greatly suffered from the poisonous gases and car bombs. This has led to increasing the average of sterility of men and women.
Sterility is of the critical subjects that has its psychological impact on both men and women Investigating this topic is rather complex, and carrying it on women might arise feelings of underestimation.
The families with sterility are in need of solutions for the difficulties that face. These difficulties represent peoples talks on one hand, and the economic difficulties to treat sterility, on the other hand

Digital Reference service: Its concept, styles, with a Proposal of its establishment at University of Mousl Central Library


اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 431-462

The study aims at defining the digital reference, its concept, purpose, motives, as well as studying the reference deportment at University of Mousl Central Library, its past present and then presenting a proposal to initiate a digital reference service at this library with the requirements needed to activate that. The study arrived at the following results
1-The reference collection of University of Mosul central Library is in an urgent need for updating so as to offer better information service.
2-The absence of specialized staff (Reference Librarians ) holding a degree information and librarianship at the library reference department has a negative effect on service offered
3-Initiating a digital reference service at the library will help in offering information service which copes with the new developments in this specialization to satisfy the user's needs 4-The adaptation of digital reference services at University of Mosul central Library

Social and Economic significance of Noble Class in the old Babylonian Period in light of Modern studies

Ahleem S. AL-Taalibi; Karawan A.Sulaiman

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 463-488

One of the main problems in studying the Ancient Iraqi civilization is the nature of its society and whether it was comprised of three or only two social classes.
Many studies and papers have been appeared during the last century on this particular issue owing to the fact that there several terms which were used in Akkadian cuneiform texts denote to the different social classes in the Old Babylonian Period. As a result of that different scholars have translated these terms in different ways.Unfortunately no detailed Arabic study is available on this problem. It is hoped that this study will give a detailed scientific study on the problem. It is obvious from the title of the thesis that our main sources were cuneiform texts

Death Punishment and the Styles of its Execution in the Babylonian Laws

Muhammad Al-Bakri

اداب الرافدین, 2012, السنة 42, العدد 63, الصفحة 489-510

The Old Babylonian Period (2006-1595 B.C.) is one of the richest periods for legal cuneiform texts, which encouraged researchers to do a lot of research on this aspect. One of such researches is the present one which deals with the death punishment as dictated by the Babylonian law in many items. This punishment had many forms of execution such as the normal killing, burning, hanging or drowning. This punishment was given to such crimes as murder, theft, adultery etc. and it amounted to the level of crime in the eyes of legislators.