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Volume 44, Issue 69

Volume 44, Issue 69, Winter 2014, Page 1-294

Book seven readings and express ills In the research The book of parsing the seven recitations their rustications which were wrongly to Ibn Khalawayh Al Asbahani (died 603 A.H)

Nawfal Ali Al-Rawi

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 1-20

the researcher Could correct ascription approved by the script editor Abu Muhammad Al Asyoti . This has been proved by convincing scientific evidence taken from the mentioned book and other resources . we proved that the book author is Ibn Khalawayh Al Nahawi (died 370 A.H) .

Poetic Vision Between de Saussure / Jacobson; Jerjani and / Alqirtagni A comparative study

Hussein Yusuf Hussein; Mohammed J. Mohammed

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 21-54

We take in our search here these two men to be the model to for a comparative study between The Arab critics were solicitous with showing a head start for Gerjani and Alqirtagni on de Saussure and Jacobson in many cases the most important of them are theory of meaning and the meaning of meaning, and communication theory as well as the issues of language and context, and to differentiate between language and the tongue and speech, which through their structures and their relationship the metaphor is made similarly The text becomes a literary text according to Jacobson.

The signification of the Different Recitations of " Fa'il " and " Failun " in the Qlorious Quran

Hilal Ali Mahmood

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 55-70

This research deals with the seventh Qur'anic recitations. It deals with the differences between (Faelin) & (Failin) forms in the Glorious Qur'an , and the variety and richness of meaning that results from this difference which explains the semantic depth that the Qur'anic teat conveys. The research also explains the semantic difference between the similar derivation forms such as : lsm – alfail, and Al – Sifa – al – mushabbaha for functioning in the same linguistic circle

Rhetorical Order in the Opening Surah of The Quran

Nayif j. Ahmed al sadani

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 71-122

Quran is not only a source of guidance and a source of legislation, but also is a sea full of pearls and precious treasures, bizarre and discreet gems of the rhetoric Which defy hearts and minds. The goal of this research is to monitor the rhetorical phenomena in the opening of the book and reveal the secrets of rhetorical order in this great Sura which is characterized by elegancy which stems from the accurate wording and the accuracy of the rhetorical sense because of the systems and good layout in verses The present study tries to shed tight on these aspects .

The verb "Amara" in the Glorious Qura'n A Semantic study

Karam Waleed Abd Saleh

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 123-150

The paper deals with the meaning of the verb "Amara" in Glorious Qur'an which has many meanings related to our thought and psychological life of enjoining the right and forbidding evil actions. It stimulates the feeling and waken in the receiver to discover the religious and ethical values respectively.

Figurative Immage in Ibn Al-Arbili Poetry (Died 677 A.H)

Faris yaseen mohammed Alhamdanee

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 151-172

Ibn Al-Dhaheer Al-Arbeelly the poet, died in(677 A. H) He is one of the prominent figures in Iraq in Swath Century A.H. The figurative image is one of the pillar on which his poetry is based .The figurative elements (like: simile, and metonguy ) of the most elements that contribute to create this figurative image in his poems .

Phanopoeia (Poetic image) upon Ibnud-Dahhan Al-Mosuli

Miqdad Khalil qasim Al-Khatoni

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 173-206

Phanopoeia or Poetic image reveals an intended communication which portraits the reality and clarifies thoughts by using artistic poetic devices. Since these devices evoke senses and emotions, they are used by the poet to test himself and the place he lives in. The poet has succeeded in rendering this poetic image into a resourceful axis from which meanings spreads out in different contexts. These rhetoric images have achieved a successful and effective communication.

Reading as Deferred productive process

Ibrahim Younis Mahmoud

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 207-226

The research aims at giving obvious indications to the role of the reader as compared with the author post- constracuralism doctrines. The reader is given much bigger role , in these trends , in decoding the text and in elaborating it. In doing so , the reader becomes a creative entity that helps opening closed entries to the secrets or hidden aspects of the text , a role which has not been assigned to so earlier . The overall process requires two basic elements to be found , a creative text and a creative reader . Reading post constrcuralism is a positive participation in rebuilding the text in aesthetic descriptive way . It is given a dynamic notion which aims at engaging into the text using special tools to parenthesize and deconstruct it then giving it a new form and decoration

Civilizational Confrontation in Bushra Al Bustani Poetry Andalusia to Iraqi wounds As amoded

Raid Foad Talib Al-Rodayni

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 227-274

The current study tries to explain the bitter experience of the poet, describing the invasion of her country ... She compares herself with her occupied country Despite the fact that the poet concludes a tragic end but it embodied the occupation by all the main points...

Binary Place in Night Phones calls Stories Of Bushra Al- Bustaani

Bassam Khalf Suleiman; afr A. Al-shaikh

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 275-294

The research reveals the artistic talent that makes the artist Bushra Al- Bustani. It includes constructing story text (night phones) through place binaries in organized way. This makes contrast between different events, and reveal beauty and artistic levels. Its role in explaining the way of the event constructing inside the place.
The research based on three parts. The first part determine place concept and its binary in story text which become motive behind the motives, Which the author depends on forming its narrative text. The first part specialized in studying (inside and outside the place) from the function of binary in revealing the hides that belong to the character, in addition of the reason of Uyghur of feeling restraint for inside and in contrary outside, or in contrary between them. With explanation of farming outside personality and it suffers from, Which shaped accurately in novelist narrating. While the second part of the study (deep/ surface place) that describe place typography that the author try to produce it in its real representation, where as the third part of the study (active/ passive place ) that describe central spot. Which contribute in constructing the way of events by characters dynamic interaction in place field.

القراء وترجمة اللغة المجازیة فی المسرحیة المأساویة لشکسبیر (یولیوس قیصر) الى العربیة

لقمان عبد الکریم ناصر; صفوان حمید صافی

اداب الرافدین, 2014, السنة 44, العدد 69, الصفحة 43-62
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/radab.2014.165153

یسلط البحث الضوء على مفهوم القارئ واثره فی ترجمة النصوص الادبیة بشکل عام واللغة المجازیة بشکل خاص , فالبحث اطار نظری لمفهوم القارئ وعلاقته بالترجمة واستراتیجیاتها,اذ تشکل تلبیة متطلبات القارئ مشکلة للمترجم ,وبشل خاص فی حالة ترجمة اللغة المجازیة ویهدف البحث الى تحدید العلاقة بین القارئ واستراتیجیات الترجمة , وتحدید طرق الترجمة المستعملة لکل صنف من القراء .
ویقترح البحث الیة لتقییم الترجمة من حیث طبیعة القارئ فتظهر حینئذ معرفة المترجم بهذا المتغییر , وفی الجانب العملی تم اختیار مجموعة من النصوص من مسرحیة شکسبیر المأساویة " یولیوس قیصر" , وخمس ترجمات عینات بحثیة لمعرفة مدى تبنی المترجمین استراتیجیات معینة تجاه القارئ المقصود.